About the Arteche Group

Customers in more than 150 countries trust in Arteche

Customers more than 150 countries trust Arteche

Arteche, that has the trust and proximity of customers in over 150 countries who place their confidence in our products and solutions given their high technological value, adaptability and safety, is a benchmark for the electric power industry with a full range of instrument transformers, auxiliary relays, protective, metering and control equipment, solutions in substation automation, energy quality and solutions for smart grids.

Arteche is a global company, an international benchmark with companies in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, and a service that has more than 80 technical-commercial offices, which allows us to directly see the international and local contexts of the electric power industry.

Arteche is actively involved in the main international electrical bodies: IEC, IEEE, CIGRE, or CIRED, among others. We are an organization that has very much in mind tomorrow's challenges and that, today, is internationally recognized for its strength, knowledge, track record and projection.

R&D&i grows every year

R&D&i grows every year

Arteche considers innovation a strategic variable and a corporate value but, above all, it is a firm commitment to our customers, to meet their demands and requirements. We want to lead the technological evolution of our industry and that is why we earmark around 3% of our turnover to R&D&i.

Over half Arteche's sales come from to products and services incorporated during the last decade. This is because we want to offer our customers high-tech equipment and solutions, and innovation is the only way we know to do so.

The capacity to innovate, to incorporate new technologies and develop new products are, for Arteche, strategic aspects of its activity, a source of competitive advantages and, above all, a firm commitment to the satisfaction of our customers. Its vocation and creative dynamism are the adequate foundation for meeting the challenges posed by the electric power industry.

Over 1800 people committed

Over 1800 people committed

Arteche adds value to its products and solutions with the aim of meeting our customers’ needs, with whom we are looking to have a close relationship of mutual trust. Thanks to our equipment and services, we want the customers we move forward together with to achieve their business objectives.

Proximity is our vocation. We want to be close to our customers to give them the best service, to know their present and future needs and to understand the challenges facing the electric power industry, and take advantage of opportunities that arise. We want to play the leading role in the configuration of our industry and the best way to achieve this is hand in hand with our valued customers.

An international team with a vocation of proximity, transparency and collaboration works around the world to provide the best solutions and equipment for the electric power industry.

Moving Together

Moving Together

Arteche is a project that is shared with all our clients, with our suppliers, and with the whole of the society in which we develop our activity.

Our commitment is to move forward together, MOVING TOGETHER. We want to pave the way together, together, we want to pave the way.

Backed by our experience

Transformer nest

With almost 75 years of experience and knowledge in the design, manufacture, integration and commercialization of measurement transformers, we are one of the world's leading references in this field.

All these years of experience and global presence have taught us that we must understand the needs and challenges which the various electrical systems and transmission and distribution networks are currently facing.

Excellence as a fundamental pillar


At Arteche we have always bet on excellence, starting from an ethical, responsible and sustainable approach every time. In this sense, we try to add value for our customers by understanding, anticipating and meeting their needs and expectations.

Our commitment to excellence is absolute, because we believe that organizations which are focused on excellence generate greater value and better results.