Restauradores y seccionadores

Arteche reclosers are medium voltage circuit breakers capable of opening a medium voltage feeder in short circuit conditions. They are equipped with sensors and intelligent electronic devices specially designed to protect lines and customer, isolating automatically faults and restoring the service if the fault has been cleared. Since many short circuits that occur in medium voltage feeders are transient in nature, reclosers are an essential equipment to improve the continuity of service and power quality in medium voltage power grids around the world.

Reclosers provides real time critical data about the line health, as power (A, W, VAR), voltage (V) or frequency (f) values. This data enhances medium voltage grid operation, enable fault analysis, system diagnosis and eventually improve MV grids operational efficiency.

The use of recloser, in combination with load break switches and other switching equipment, enhances operational capabilities that improves significantly quality of service reliability indicators (SAIDI / CAIFI). Reclosers also reduce costs in terms of maintenance and incident response, thanks to the high visibility over the grid status and to the responsiveness they provide.