Our collaboration with society 

IgualdadAt Arteche, we want to be part of the community and generate a positive impact in the territories where we are present. For this reason, we are involved in the social development of these regions through collaboration and financial aid and local associations and NGOs. 

Likewise, our strategy is oriented towards improving competitiveness throughout the supply chain, and, in order to do so, we rely on both local suppliers and suppliers with a global presence.

We have undertaken a commitment to the society and environment in which we operate, and consequently declare our willingness to work with responsibility and honesty, contributing to the well-being and economic and social progress of the communities where we carry out our activities.

We promote the support of charitable, educational, and community service activities, contributing to the improvement of the societies where we have a presence through various activities.

Shared values with our value chain

Shared values with our value chainOur supply chain, which aims to meet the established requirements of quality, cost, and time, is evaluated taking into account environmental, safety, and social responsibility criteria, requiring a commitment to the following aspects:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the country where the activities are carried out, unless these are less demanding than international ethical behavior, in which case the latter will be followed.
  • Respect for human rights. Any form of bullying, mental, physical punishment, or any other type of abuse is rejected.
  • Compliance with labor legislation as well as rules and regulations applicable in each country.
  • Rejection of forced or compulsory labor or child labor.
  • Respect for the free association of employees.
  • Good occupational health and safety conditions in all centers.
  • Respect for the environment, observing all relevant legislation in the country concerned through the sustainable use of resources.
  • Supply of products and services in a manner that meets the quality and safety criteria specified in the relevant contractual elements, and is safe for its intended purpose.
  • Rejection of fraudulent means such as the payment of bribes.
  • Use of sustainable wood from sustainably managed forests, therefore respecting the environment and combatting climate change.
  • Use of minerals only if they are listed as "conflict free"
  • Rejection of fraudulent methods to ensure the correct results and records of required materials and functional tests.