Arteche Distribution Automation Controllers/Controladores de automatización de la distribución

Distribution Automation Controllers (DAC) are field terminal units (field RTUs) installed in MV distribution grids, downstream substations. DACs enable an automated grid operation with bi-directional power flows and asset management services require by Distribution System Operators to enhance grid management, improve system performance and reduce O&M cost.

DA controllers monitor and control a wide range of MV distribution equipment like pole-mounted or pad-mounted switchgears, ring main units, MV/LV transformer stations or underground switchgears, including air, oil or gas insulated installations. 

Our DA controllers, combined with Low Power Instrument transformers, enable automated remote operation and deliver reliable real-time and historical data from field equipment to substation and/or utility level applications, including advanced directional fault detection, power measures, detailed oscillography and alarms like fire, floods, battery status, by means of standard protocols and tools commonly used by utilities. A single device to manage each distribution node. 

adaTECH CDM series distribution automation controllers offer a comprehensive grid visibility and control features, enabling distribution automation services like fault isolation and service restoration, outage management, load balancing and Volt/Var optimization.