Relés para ferrocarril

Arteche´s expertise of more than 55 years manufacturing electromechanical relays technology gives the client the assurance of a technological leader. Our dedicated range of railway relays are designed to meet and exceed several railway industry standards in aspects such as vibrations (EN-61373) and fire behavior (EN-45545-2), among other railway industry focused features.

Arteche relays have extremely high MTTF values. Its reliability and durability allow them to be used not only as a general purpose relay, but also in all kind of safety functions, both in on-board and in signaling applications, making them suitable to be used in circuits requiring up to SIL-4  safety integrity level.

Designed following EN-50205 (Weld No Transfer Contacts) and with an optimal contact circuit design, Arteche relays guarantee a long-life performance in all your switching operations, both with digital signals and in applications where a high degree of resistance to welding is required.