Arteche railway relays receive EAC certification

9 Nov 2017

Arteche's high-performance railway relays have received the EAC compliance certificate, an approval that certifies compliance with their strict quality controls and regulations in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and which also applies to neighbouring countries with similar climatic conditions. 

The certified Arteche relays comply with TP TC 001/2011 regulations on railway rolling stock safety and TP TC 002/2011 regulations on high speed rail transport safety, regulations that replace the GOST specifications.

The approval certifies that the tested relays meet the strict operating criteria in extreme environments, such as those that occur in the systems belonging to the EAC and its neighbouring countries, having been tested in extremely low ambient temperatures (-60ºC operating temperature, and -65ºC of storage and transport).

Designed to meet the highest standards of demand in railway signalling and on-board systems, the Arteche relays guarantee a long service life even in extreme situations. This is further proof of the robustness and reliability of Arteche relays that put them at the forefront of relay technology for rail use.

Arteche railway relays receive EAC certification