Bancos de capacitores y filtros de armónicas

Arteche has a wide experience in power quality solutions, which allows us to provide studies, specialized services, and custom engineering services to ensure network code compliance, minimize system losses, and maintain power systems at optimum performance without affecting equipment life cycle. Arteche is highly specialized in electrical engineering for harmonics filtering and reactive power compensation systems at low, medium, and high voltages levels.

With over 28 years of experience and projects commissioned in more than 30 countries, our high performance application engineering teams are capable of addressing each project’s specific needs. Our areas of expertise includes application domains as grid integration of renewables, power grid optimization and industrial power quality issues solving.

The standard range of Arteche’s power quality equipment address the most frequent applications. Thanks to our technical, human, and manufacturing and testing capacities, we also provide tailored competitive solutions adapted to each project requirements.