Secondary injection test blocks

saTECH TSB: Test blocks and plugs for secondary injection testing

Arteche’s saTECH TSB test blocks simplify the development of secondary injection testing in any substation automation system.

They make it easier to test, calibrate and monitor the system’s equipment without the need for disconnecting the installation nor handling the system wiring, thus ensuring maximum safety levels for operator users.

They also have insertion / extraction sequences that prevent trips and unwanted operations. The short circuit is made inside the block itself automatically from the factory, thus preventing the operator from having to adjust or forgetting to manually make the short circuits correctly.

Also, the test comb includes connectors suitable for safety banana connectors and the test block has rear terminals with secure connection.

The low resistance of the guarantees excellent performance in all types of applications, including testing of the most modern, digital highly sensitive equipment.

A range is available for installing vertically or horizontally, adapting to location needs in the system's cabinets, and versatility in the selection of each model, making it possible to select the type and characteristic of each pole to fit the specific requirements of each application.

Documentation and Support

Ficha técnica saTECH TSB 14
Datasheet saTECH TSB 14
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Datasheet saTECH-TSB 14
Ficha Técnica saTECH-TSB 14
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Manual de usuario saTECH-TSB 14&18
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Manual de usuario saTECH-TSB 14 México
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