To continue to respond to energy challenges with agility and responsibility, true to our commitment to people, society and the planet. Always stayingtogether. Always adding energies. 


Our mission is to be an international reference in the electricity sector, with the vocation to help our customers provide the highest value in order to grow together and develop the electricity network of the future, as a family business with roots and corporate headquarters in Biscay. Our focus is to master technology and enhance knowledge as well as people development within a sustainable project that is attractive and responsible for both society and the environment.


We aspire to always be at the forefront of technological innovation in the sector and to be recognised internationally for the quality and service of all our products and solutions for transport and energy distribution.


Arteche Values

arteche valor clientes


Proximity and commitment

  • Proximity
  • Presence at the customer’s
  • Meet commitments
  • Rapid response
  • Finding solutions
  • Listen, learn and contribute to the customer
arteche valor personas


Professionalism and shared project

  • Commitment to the company project
  • Commitment to people
  • Share knowledge
  • Joint effort for achievement of common goals
  • Assumption of challenges
  • Solve problems where they occur
arteche valor innovación


Ambition, transformation and new challenges

  • Innovative ambition
  • Systematic search for opportunities
  • Does not comply with what is established or with what has been achieved
  • Collaborates with others to transform knowledge
arteche valor excelencia


Continuous improvement and overcoming the odds

  • Do it right the first time
  • Ambition to overcome the highest standards of quality and e_ciency
  • Continuous improvement
  • Aim for excellent corporate reputation

Documentation and Downloads

Informe Anual 2020
Annual Report 2020
Informe Anual 2021
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