Distribution Automation

RTUs and field controllers to monitor and control medium voltage distribution equipment

Load break switch controller adaTECH OSC

Load break switch controller adaTECH OSC

Load break switches are commonly used in combination with recloser to segmentate distribution networks, improving reliability, incidence response and quality of service. adaTECH OSC (On-load Switch Controller) is an intelligent electronic device specially designed to monitor and operate safely this kind of primary equipment.  

With functionalities such us remote switching, fault passage indication, active/reactive/apparent power measurements, alarming and remote upgrade, adaTECH OSC communicates under remote control protocols and operates coordinated by upper level operation management systems, like SCADA systems, Outage Management and Distribution Management Systems. 

adaTECH OSC offers advanced control and monitoring functionalities like directional fault detection, primary equipment health monitoring, sequential event register (SER) and active / reactive / apparent power measurement.

His communication capabilities grant a quick SCADA/OMS/DMS integration allowing an ease remote management. adaTECH OSC afford coordination schemes to isolate faults automatically. The local interface allows open/close commands in a secure way, activate/deactivate coordination schemes and incorporates an alarm and status annunciator.

His compact design and mounting possibilities enables his integration in a wide range of control cabinets. Combined with voltage and current sensors, adaTECH OSC offers a reliable solution to deploy smart grid benefits over new and existing assets, enhancing the quality of service, operation capabilities and the system visibility at a competitive and cost efficient manner. 

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