Low voltage instrument transformers

Current and voltage transformers, insulators and wall bushings

Current Transformers

Transformadores medida baja tensión - Current transformers low voltage

Current transformers without primary winding intended to be used in low voltage bars or isolated cables.

  • Low voltage panels.
  • Motor control.
  • Primary distribution switchgear.
  • Secondary distribution switchgear.
  • Capacitor banks.
  • Power generation.
  • Dead tank circuit breaker.
  • Railway.
  • Current Transformers: IFG-5, IFP-0, IFW-4, IFW-5, IFX, IFE, IFG-7, IFG-8, IFH-6, IFP-1, IFW-0/DS, IFW-4/DS,IFH, BAT, BAR, BAS, ICO-3, IRM
  • Voltage Transformers: URC

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