Arteche joins World Innovation Day

21 Apr 2022
For Arteche, innovation is a strategic variable, a corporate value and, above all, an internal commitment and a commitment to our customers

World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated on April 21 with the aim of promoting multidisciplinary creative thinking to help us achieve the sustainable future we want. 

Our priorities are oriented towards developing actions focused on achieving an energy transmission and distribution network that allows the efficient, reliable and sustainable integration of the new realities associated with the energy transition (renewable technologies, electrical interconnections, electric vehicles, energy storage, etc.).

In line with our aim to continue responding to energy challenges, we have a whole series of power, sustainable, technological, innovative and social challenges when it comes to focusing on Innovation:

  • Electrification, offering solutions for efficient mobility and reliable interconnection of renewable generation.
  • Decarbonization as an essential part of the Circular Economy and the exclusive use of sustainable materials in our equipment and infrastructures.
  • Digitization of the Electricity Grid, monitored, automated, predictive, secure and intelligent, Smart Grids.
  • Decentralization supported by Industry 4.0 to provide remote tools and predictive systems that support decision making to the teams and infrastructures operating in the network.
  • Democratization of knowledge to support the necessary talent and offer innovative, convenient and functional solutions to our customers.

The ability to innovate, transform processes, incorporate new technologies and develop new products are, for Arteche, strategic aspects of our activity, a source of competitive advantages and, above all, a firm commitment to the satisfaction of our customers in a context that responds faster and faster, in a cleaner, more efficient and effective environment, and with greater safety every day. 

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Arteche joins World Innovation Day