Automatic Reclosers and Switches for SECC function Sectionalizer Webinar

17 Jun 2020
We invite you to participate in our next webinar on automated reclosers and switches

The Arteche Group organizes a series of free webinars about Automatic Reclosers and Switches. Reserve your place here.

In the growing expansion of electrical distribution networks and smart grids, medium-voltage aerial networks does not lag behind.

The reclosers and switches take the lead in automating and provide intelligence to these air networks. 

For some years now, they have been fundamental equipment for the continuity and quality of service in electrical networks all over the world.

Their application allows to improve the operational capacities and the operational efficiency of the distribution networks (TIEPI / NIEPI) and contributes to containing the costs associated to the maintenance and the intelligent response to incidents, thanks to the visibility that they provide on the state of the network and to the capacity of response that they offer. 

Arteche responds to this demand by offering an automated and remote control solution.

In this webinar we will explain what automated reclosers and sectionalizers are and how they work. We will also explain how to install and maintain it. On the other hand, we will see how the remote control works and its benefits.

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Automatic Reclosers and Switches for SECC function Sectionalizer Webinar