Corporate Governance

Our management model is guided by independence and professionalism.

Our founding ethical principles have evolved over the past 75 years into our company today that stands out for its business excellence, both in terms of good management practices and financial performance. 

General Meeting of Shareholders

Corporate Governance System

Arteche's Corporate Governance system is mainly made up of the Corporate Bylaws, the Regulations of the different governing bodies, the Mission, Vision and Values, the Code of Ethical Conduct, the Corporate Policies and the Integrated Management Model. 

Our Corporate Governance System is adapted to best practices.

Arteche Pirámide Gobierno Corporativo

Corporate Governance System

Bylaws: General regulation of the Group's activity

Regulations: Regulation of the functions and powers of the management bodies

Corporate Policies: General guidelines for achieving objectives

Políticas de alta dirección: Specific policies that develop corporate

Procedimientos: Regulations, procedures and protocols that develop policies