Distribution operation challenges - Webinar

17 May 2021
Reliable data from field for a modern grid automation

Nowadays Distribution System Operators are facing challenges related with renewable integration, power storage, distributed generation, or prosumer participation among others. To overcome those challenges a new wave of Distribution Automation (DA) technologies, strongly based on modern digital means and IT capabilities, are applied by Distribution System Operators in pilot projects and commercial deployments worldwide. Book your seat here.

A key factor to gain visibility and fully realize the benefits of Distribution Automation is collect reliable and actionable data from field

With more than 40.000 devices on field and more than 15 years developing DA tailored controllers we have acquired a deep knowledge in terms of functionalities, topologies and different user cases.

Now we organize a webinar series to share our experience and lessons learned, focused on essential considerations gathering reliable and actionable data from field. Conducted by our Distribution Senior engineer, Jose Antonio Lozano, during our webinars you will have the opportunity to get live responses from our expert. 

To get the most of your time we organize two kinds of sessions, one tailored to utilities / DA system engineers and other to OEM / equipment manufacturers. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity and reserve your seat now according your preferences, time zone and language preferences.

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Distribution operation challenges - Webinar