Consultoría técnica en Redes y Sistemas


  • Specification of new installations, extensions and retrofits
    • Aimed at all types of electrical projects - whether it be new ones or extensions or adaptations - determining the most appropriate standards, requirements and procedures for each project, based on our clients’ areas, and also covering all aspects of the application, construction, manufacturability and regulatory compliance of equipment and systems that integrate it.  


  • Analysis of the state of installations and components and recommendations, even via electrical studies:
    • Accompanying our client in the installation, from the moment of information surveying, data collection, prior check-ups, and making suggestions and recommendations based on our experience or providing guidance towards modeling, studies or simulations that we may have to carry out 


  • Supply of solutions to mitigate the harmful effects detected in the analyses and studies, guaranteeing a correct and satisfactory operation of said transformer from start to finish:
    • Derived from electrical studies, Arteche proposes specific and adequate technical solutions for the different network faults and disturbances, both for resonant phenomena, for example, as well as for harmonics situations or transients in a system. These solutions, which range from field assistance for data collection and information gathering, or even staff training, personalized attention during installation, all the way to the necessary equipment supply, assembly, installation and commissioning supervision, jointly and fully guaranteeing the network’s correct operation, increasing its efficiency and reducing personal and economic risks.