Power Voltage Transformers

Power Voltage Transformers up to 550 kV

UG Series – Power Voltage Transformers

UG Series – Power Voltage Transformers

Arteche UG is a Power Voltage Transformer series up to 550 kV and 125 kVA. They use SF6 insulation equiped with a manometer for monitoring gas pressure

Arteche UG series allows different options :

  • Inner temperature monitoring sensor.
  • Additional secondaries for measuring and/or protection.

Arteche UG series presents a reduced gas volume, pressure and leaks

Documentation and Downloads

Datasheet Serie UG - Transformadores de Tensión para Servicios Auxiliares
Datasheet Série UG - Transformateurs de Tension pour services auxiliaires
Datasheet Linha UG - Transformadores de Potencial para Serviços auxiliares
Datasheet UG Series – Power Voltage Transformers
Manuel de l'utilisateur Transformateurs de mesure de tension isolés SF6
Manual de Usuario Transformadores de Medida de Tensión aislados en SF6
User Manual SF6 Insulated Voltage Instrument Transformers
Manual do usuário Transformadores de tensão isolados SF6