Arteche's power quality solutions are operating in a 492MW wind farm in Texas

17 Sep 2020
The Maverick Creek wind farm has Arteche's capacitor banks to comply with the requirements of the Grid Code

The Maverick Creek wind farm, built in Concho County, Texas, with a capacity of 492MW, has Arteche's Power Quality solutions to meet the requirements of the Grid Code. This project, owned by Algonquin Power & Utilities and developed by RES (Renewable Energy Systems) will supply 200,000 homes with renewable energy thanks to its 127 wind turbines.

Arteche has supplied the additional reactive power system required by the grid code, with a total of 72MVAr, consisting of 2 capacitor banks of 24MVAr and 2 banks of 12MVAr, all designed to operate at a voltage of 34.5kV. This is in addition to other important projects developed for the renewable energy sector in the USA, such as High Lonesome, Wagyu (18MVAr), La Chalupa (60MVAr) and Ripley (4.13MVAr), all of these developed in 2019.

In order to meet the demanding requirements set by the customer, we developed two 24MVAr (2x12MVAr) capacitor banks mounted within the same enclosure of almost 14 meters in length. Its "PLUG & PLAY" design is easy to install and integrate, and allows for a quick start-up. This additional reactive power system has a Nema 3R degree of protection and circuit breakers with pre-insertion resistors to mitigate the transient connection of the capacitor banks.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this project was delivered on time and in accordance with the contract, which reinforces our commitment to our customers.

Arteche's power quality solutions are operating in a 492MW wind farm in Texas