IEC 61850 Stand Alone Merging Units

IEC61850 Sampled Values as per the latest IEC61869-9 standard

IEC61850 19’’ SAMU for the substation building

IEC61850 19’’ SAMU for the substation building

The rack-mounted, 19’’ Stand Alone Merging Unit typically will be installed in a cabinet in the substation building. The incoming analog signals from the VTs and CTs will be connected to the 19’’ SAMU who will process them and send IEC61869-9 or IEC61850-9-2LE Sampled Values to the IEC 61850-9-2 Process Bus.

The 19’’ SAMU has a local display to ease commissioning and maintenance works.

The 19’’ SAMU supports 1PPS and IEEE1588 synchronization for time-stamping the Sampled Values.

The 19’’ SAMU supports both PRP and HSR that allow redundancy in the communication channel.

Documentation and Downloads

Brochure Optical current transformer SDO OCT
Case studies Process Bus Implementation for Statnett
Datasheet Stand Alone Merging Unit

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