II Photo and Video Contest - artPhoto

Following a successful first edition in wich were submitted more than 150 photographs from all over the world, Arteche Group would like to extend you an invitation to the second artPhoto Photography Contest.

This time, in addition to the three photography categories of the previous competition, the ARTECHE video category will be also featured.

The three photographs and the video which, in the jury's viewm best reflect the usage and impact of electric power in each category will be awarded as follows:



1. Life and power: these should be refl ective of the impact of electric power in the daily life of people and society, its
infl uence in daily occurrences of each one of us in any possible view: how electricity off er us light, warmth, how it moves
us or how it part of our entertainment.

2. Infrastructure and electric equipment: the impact of power in our life would be impossible without the needed
infrastructure and equipments generation, transmission and power distribution which permits us to use it in our
advantage and which mold our landscapes.

3. ARTECHE products: compositions including any ARTECHE product.

4. ARTECHE video: short videos which show, in any circumstance, some ARTECHE product.


The entries may be sent to the email [email protected]

It is necessary for all photographs and videos to be identified jointly with their author’s data (name, surnames and contact details) plus those of the work Itself (title or corresponding place and product)


You can download the PDF.