Capacitors banks and harmonic filters. Medium and high voltage

Medium and high voltage capacitor banks and harmonic filters

Metal enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filters

Metal enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filters

Arteche’s capacitor banks and harmonic filters allow keeping system stability and diminishing the loses, contributing to improving the operative efficiency of electrical grids and power systems.

Metal enclosed capacitor banks and harmonic filters are an ideal solution for dust environments where space limitations or installation conditions require high reliability, simple commissioning and minimal maintenance.

They can be equipped with tuned or detuned reactors for harmonic filtering, to diminish or eliminate the harmonic that are present in the system.

Arteche has the knowledge and capabilities required to provide right answers to each project requirements. We design and manufacture custom systems to meet power factor target at required voltage level, reactive power compensation needs, and harmonic mitigation strategy, according to IEC 60871, IEC 60549, IEEE STD 18, and CSA ratings, among others.

Capacitors, reactors, switching equipment and protective devices are selected according to the application, power factor target and compensation requirements to provide a comprehensive turnkey system.

  • Free-up KVAR capacity of your system.
  • Improve voltage regulation.
  • Reduce system loses.
  • Provide reactive energy required by inductive loads.
  • Avoid penalty payments due to power factor.
  • Reach allowances due to power factor.

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