New 10 contact trip and lockout relay

23 Oct 2018

We introduce the new 10 contact latching relay, the BJ-10. Designed to operate as a trip and lockout relay in substations and critical electrical systems, it provides high speed and safety for the operation of the switches and other power equipment. In addition, it offers a high breaking capacity, guaranteeing an excellent performance during a long life-cycle.

The new trip and lockout relays complement the 8 and 16 contacts relays, offering more alternative when choosing the appropriate one. In addition, it can be configured according to the customer requirements:

  • BJ-10 for all general purposes has operating times under 20ms. It is used as a contact multiplier.
  • BJ-10BB: it has coil surge suppressors.
  • The BJ-10R has operating times under of 10ms and has an electrical reset.
  • The BJ-10RP has operating times under of 10ms and a blocking with electrical and manual reset.

Like the rest of the series, these latching relays have no consumption in permanence. They also have high levels of electrical isolation between the input and output circuits, and a high level of protection (IP40).

Thus, due to their meticulous design, their constructive features, and their self-cleaning contacts, this equipment is designed to operate in uninterrupted continuous service, even in high temperature environments, for the most demanding applications within the industry.

The BJ-10 successfully exceeds the most stringent functional and normative standards, providing performance and reliability.

The new series of relays are both pluggable and compatible with all of our sockets:

  • Front socket with IP20 (J10N DE IP20),
  • Rear socket (J10N TR OP),
  • Flush mounted socket (J10 EMP TR OP).
New 10 contact trip and lockout relay