Latching relays

High performance safety relays and contactors for protection, regulation and interconnection in command and control circuits


Latching relays are relays with 2 stable positions for the output contacts. Depending on which coil is energized, the output contacts will change from one position to another. Latching relays have no consumption in stable states.

Thanks to their design and constructive characteristics, Arteche latching relays provide reliability, security and high performance for most demanding application in power, railway and industrial markets.

Arteche manufactures latching relays from 3 to 16 contacts (BF-3, BF-4, BJ-8, BI-16) for general purpose and offers a wide range of characteristics to fit each application requirements:

  • R models: Trip and lockout relays, with electrical reset
  • RP models: Trip and lockout relays, with electrical and hand reset
  • BB models: Overvoltage protection in parallel with the coil

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