IEC 61850 Substation control and automation devices

Intelligent electronic devices for substation and power system automation

IEC61850 Substation automation engineering software saTECH CNF

Herramientas ingeniería IEC61850 saTECH SET - IEC61850 Engineering tools saTECH SET

saTECH CNF is a substation automation engineering tool based on System Specification Language defined in IEC 61850 Part 6. It is a User friendly workstation software that simplifies the engineering process, reducing related cost in substation automation projects.

Based on SCL files (Substation Configuration Languages), saTECH CNF can manage SSD, SCD, ICD and CID files. It is a standard based software tool with advanced functionalities to enhance substation engineering and technical documentation management.


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Catálogo Automatización de Subestaciones
Brochure Substation Automation Devices
Datasheet saTECH SET
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Arteche Services
Arteche Services
Datasheet saTECH CNF
Datasheet saTECH CNF
Datasheet saTECH CNF