Substation automation systems

Comprehensive engineering services for substation automation systems

SAS engineering and project management

SAS engineering and project management

Arteche has a deep experience engineering, building and commissioning protection, control and substation automation systems as turnkey projects, whether for new substations or to upgrade existing substations.

Knowledge, flexibility, ability to manage comprehensive projects, from basic engineering to system commissioning, with a deep application knowledge. These are the keys that differentiate Arteche’s offer which allow to offer tailored answers to each project ensuring reliability, performance and scalability.

  • Turnkey project management
    • Build of protection and control panels
    • IEDs integration in multi-vendor systems
    • Local and remote SCADA/HMI
    • Remote terminal Units configuration and integration in remote control systems
    • Telecommunication networks
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Project documentation
  • Factory and on-site testing
  • Commissioning
  • User training
  • Life-cycle management services
  • Protection, control and automation systems for new substations or to upgrade existing systems. 
  • Substation automation systems under IEC 61850.
  • Substation integration in higher level remote control systems.
  • Local and remote SCADA/HMI for substation systems.
  • Configuration and setting of communications, data acquisition, protection and control intelligent devices.
  • Historical events and alarms, trend graphs and demands.
  • Events and alarms management, reports and notifications.

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