Voltage sensors

Low Power Voltage Transformers (LPVT) for Medium Voltage Distribution Automation.

Low Power Voltage Transformers for MV indoor applications - DINASENS


DINASENS are low power voltage Transformers (LPVT) for indoor and underground applications, specially designed for DIN A bushing. Fully compliant with IEC 61869-6 and IEC 61869-11 standards, DINASENS sensors are ideally suited to enable voltage measurement in new transformer substations, Ring Main Units (RMUs), vault switchgear and other medium voltage equipment.

Based on well-known resistive divider technology voltage sensors provide a reliable and accurate voltage measurement to enable advanced distribution automation like directional fault detection or advance power quality monitoring in a safe, cost-efficient and standard manner.

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Ficha técnica sensART DINASENS
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Ficha técnica sensART DINASENS
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