A safety standard for protection, control and meter testing – saTECH TSB - Webinar

12 Apr 2021
Designed with both safety and reliability in mind, our saTECH TSB test blocks and plugs – with 14 and 18 poles- enable secure testing procedures for almost all protection schemes and metering applications.

Secondary Injection test blocks, saTECH TSB, allows the verification and testing of any secondary device providing the highest safety and security levels protecting operators and facilities. 

They allow testing protection and meters without disconnecting the secondaries of the Instrument Transformers and without the need of interrupting the power supply. This solution, in addition to allowing verification tests to be carried out simultaneously on 14 or 18 circuits, also allows to insulate the protection and meters in a safe way.

saTECH TSB test blocks are nowadays in operation in more than 40 countries. In terms of performance the low resistance of their contacts guarantees excellent operation in all types of applications, covering almost all protections schemes and including testing of the most modern, digital highly sensitive equipment. In terms of qualification, they are already approved by most demanding utilities and reputed transmission operators worldwide. 

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A safety standard for protection, control and meter testing – saTECH TSB - Webinar