The SDGs at School in Arteche

9 Aug 2021
The SDGs at School is a dynamic and attractive educational proposal to share the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda with schools and, in particular, with primary school children and, in this way, promote their social participation and active citizenship

This July we received a very special visit: A group of 15 boys and girls, between 7 and 12 years old, from the Association Louise de Marillac. This is a non-profit association whose mission is to help the most disadvantaged people from a neighborhood in Bilbao. 

The activity had the selfless collaboration of several people from Arteche and the didactic materials provided by CEBEK, the Business Confederation of Bizkaia. This was a great opportunity to engage our staff in the SDGs with a simple but incredibly powerful corporate volunteering activity. 

Through various activities, our volunteers managed to inform and involve children and their tutors towards the Sustainable Development Goals in a fun, audiovisual and participatory way. 

Thanks to "The SDGs at School", children discover the SDGs, reflect on the world we live in and make proposals for everyday actions that they can carry out, so that together we can all do our bit to "save the world".

In addition, the children were showed what we do in Arteche in a very original and fun way, and with great participation on their part. They visited the facilities and touched our products, placing great emphasis on their sustainability, as well as that of the processes. 

Of course, they also saw the Ultra High Voltage Laboratory and participated in a game to find out their ecological footprint by placing colored stickers according to their daily habits. In this way, each child took their footprint home, with the commitment to modify some of those habits, so that the red and yellow stickers could end up becoming green.

The SDGs at School in Arteche