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Over 800 photographs from 50 countries were submitted to the previous edition.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the VIII artPhoto!

The four photographs wich, in the opinion of the jury, best reflect the use and impact of electricity in their category, will receive the following:

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Life and Power Infrastructure and electric equipment Arteche Products Electric Framework
Electricity brings light, warms us, moves us and entertains us. The photographs will reflect the influence of electricity in our life and society. The impact of power in our life would be impossible without the needed infrastructure and equipments generation, transmission and power distribution which permits us to use it in our advantage and which mold our landscapes. Our products are present in more than 175 countries. The photographs will show them in factories, substations, projects, landscapes, integrated in other products, etc. Our energy is people. The photographs will represent the connection between professionals in the electrical sector and the tasks they perform.


Send us your photographs to [email protected]!


It is necessary for all photographs to be identified jointly with their author’s data (name, surnames and contact details) plus those of the work itself (title or corresponding place and product).
Photographs not accompanied by these details shall be excluded from the competition.
Arteche Group will not save or use the personal details of any of the participants, except for those required for identification of the work and contact the contestants after the outcome of the present competition.
For further information, check the conditions.

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VIII artPhoto Bases
VIII artPhoto Conditions
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