IEC 61850 Substation control and automation devices

Intelligent electronic devices for substation and power system automation

Multiplatform Substation SCADA/HMI - saTECH HMI

Multiplatform Substation SCADA/HMI - saTECH HMI

saTECH HMI is a SCADA/HMI multiplatform tool for local and remote substations operation. It offers a powerful graphical user interface to monitor and control substations in real time. As a SCADA/Web, clients access through web browsers, without installing additional software or licenses.

  • It provides all kind of customizable views: single line diagrams, communication status, bay level views, instantaneous measures, event logs, alarm screens and local commands with security features or primary devices status.
  • It can be implemented in different topologies, retrieving information from a SCU or from bay level IEDs.
  • With multiprotocol support, saTECH HMI provides flexibility to integrate existing IED in retrofit projects.

Documentation and Downloads

Catálogo - Automatización de Subestaciones
Ficha técnica saTECH HMI
Brochure Substation Automation Devices
Datasheet saTECH HMI
Brochure - Arteche Services
Catálogo de Servicios Arteche
Catálogo de Serviços Arteche
Fiche technique saTECH HMI

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