Current sensors

Low Power Current Transformers (LPCT) for Medium Voltage Distribution Automation.

Rogowski coil current sensors RGW

Rogowski coil current sensors RGW

Rogowski coil sensor offers a precise and accurate current sensing over a wide dynamic range, with a linear behavior under different operation environments.

Rogowski current sensors performance depends largely on design and constructive quality. They has no core saturation effects neither remanent magnetization.

Combined with state of the art IEDs, Arteche MV Rogowski current sensor performance afford a comprehensive system protection and monitoring, enhancing power quality measurement and complex waveforms monitoring.

Documentation and Downloads

Datasheet sensART ROGOWSKI
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Brochure Distribution Automation
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Technical article Enhancing distribution automation with current and voltage sensors
Fiche technique sensART ROGOWSKI
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Ficha técnica sensART ROGOWSKI
Technische Datenblatt sensART ROGOWSKI

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