Best source of energy: peopleWe have the best source of energy on the planet: people 

Our enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge are reflected in everything we do. We are committed to implementing initiatives that make our organization an attractive place to work, where knowledge can be acquired and shared and people can develop professionally within a context of innovation and where the levels of demand are never at odds with the creation of spaces for balancing personal and professional lives.

Diverse, equal, accessible

Diverse, equal, accesiblePromoting the advancement of gender equality is a common commitment that we, at the Arteche Group, take on in all our regions and work centers.

It is part of our corporate culture and reflected in our global way of thinking, focused on valuing diversity from a gender perspective in all our processes and policies.

We do not limit ourselves to complying with the legislation: we go further, promoting real equality in our sector and promoting policies of real equality in terms of treatment and opportunities.

In this sense, we are committed to giving visibility to and developing female talent, working globally and in each of its areas. To this end, we have Equality Commissions that work globally, as well as in each of its areas, to make consistent progress on gender equality.

Diversity not only strengthens our culture, it also increases innovation and creativity

In addition to devoting a lot of effort to gender equality, we have also continued to work on our diversity. We are present in different countries and employ people of various nationalities, most of them Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinian and Chinese. An appropriate management of cultural diversity results in tangible competitive advantages, in connection to openness to knowledge and to diverse points of view, the contribution to the attraction and retention of talent, the strengthening of Arteche's culture, the increase in innovation, in creativity, and in productivity.

Training for further growth

Trabajo y Talento ArtechePeople have made Arteche the company it is today thanks to their professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to this common project. In this sense, we want to have the most qualified and best prepared people, which is why we have developed a model for attracting talent, reinforcing development and promoting leadership that allows us to incorporate the most suitable professionals and accompany them in their growth. 

We invest the necessary resources in developing and motivating the people who are part of the Company. With these initiatives, we intend to create an optimal climate in which the different functions are carried out efficiently and work and customer service are always of the highest quality. In this way, we achieve the greatest development of our team and achieve the best possible results for the Company.

Talent Management

We consider knowledge to be the key factor in competitiveness. Therefore, in all our values, reference is made to this approach by proposing active listening and learning from clients, a drive for continuous improvement, collaboration and cooperation with other entities and bodies and - most significantly - a proactive attitude to sharing knowledge, good practices and all kinds of useful and relevant information.