Talent Management

Arteche is all of us who work in the company, for the company and with the company. Trabajo y Talento ArtecheThis is so because we are the ones who make all its facets come true every time we deal with a customer, when we approve a new product or when we launch a press release.

We have established a methodology which guarantees that the organization’s personnel is competent and equipped with the necessary training, experience and skills to develop and carry out their functions.
It is based on induction for the new talent recruitment, training, development of leadership skills, alignment with objectives, development of professional careers and evaluation of performance, commitment and satisfaction of the people in the Organization. Likewise, we encourage the management of internal knowledge in the corresponding processes.

In order to do so, we rely on the Leadership Model.

We consider knowledge to be the key factor in competitiveness. Therefore, in all our values, reference is made to this approach by proposing active listening and learning from clients, a drive for continuous improvement, collaboration and cooperation with other entities and bodies and - most significantly - a proactive attitude to sharing knowledge, good practices and all kinds of useful and relevant information.

In this context, in 2019, the process map has been strengthened, processes have been updated and the procedure for staff induction and training has been updated.

This training seeks to ensure that the people in the organization acquire the necessary skills for the proper performance of their duties according to their job profile, both at the time of joining the company and throughout their whole career.
Once the training needs have been identified, the corresponding plans are drawn up and implemented.