PLC-BPL couplers for MV

Medium Voltage Broadband over Power Line Couplers (MV-BPL couplers, PLC-BPL).

MV BPL Inductive coupler UNIC


PLC / MV BPL inductive coupler designed for medium voltage feeders. It is intended to deploy a ethernet communication channel (Broadband Power Line) over medium voltage cables in a frequency range from 2 MHz to 40 MHz:

  • Fast, simple and safe installation.
  • Low intersection losses <3dB over the entire frequency range (2-40 MHz).
  • A solution that ensures quality, reliability and safety at work.

Documentation and Downloads

Catalogo Soluciones Acoplamiento PLCs
Datasheet comART UNIC
Ficha técnica comART UNIC
Fiche technique comART UNIC
Datasheet comART UNIC-T
Dane techniczne comART UNIC-T
Ficha técnica comART UNIC
Fiche technique comART UNIC-T
Technische Datenblatt comART UNIC
Technische Datenblatt comART UNIC-T