Training for further growth

People have made Arteche the company that it is today thanks to their professionalism, knowledge, and commitment to this common project. In this sense, we want to have the most qualified and best prepared people, which is why we have developed a model for attracting talent, reinforcing development and promoting leadership that allows us to incorporate the most suitable professionals and accompany them in their growth. 

Because in order to be a competitive company, we must enhance the best performance of our internal resources. Those companies that take advantage of the potential of their teams and get them to work motivated and in line with the objectives, are the ones that continue to advance #MovingTogether, and that is what we intend to do in Arteche, basing our talent management on the basis of a meritocratic policy. 

We invest the necessary resources in developing and motivating the people who are part of Arteche. With these initiatives, we intend to create an optimal climate in which the different functions are carried out efficiently and work and customer service are always of the highest quality. In this way, we achieve the greatest development of our team and the best possible results.

Talent management

We consider knowledge to be the key factor in competitiveness. Therefore, in all our values, reference is made to this approach by proposing active listening and learning from clients, a drive for continuous improvement, collaboration and cooperation with other entities and bodies and, most significantly, a proactive attitude to sharing knowledge, good practices and all kinds of useful and relevant information.